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Re-did No Go for Newgrounds and put it on Mochimedia too.

2011-11-25 23:34:55 by xympul

It is interesting to see the stats come in for just a simple virtual board game with no computer players or game logic put on Newgrounds and Mochimedia.

I should have been doing this way back when NGs, IMDB, came about but, life happened first.

It is better to start sometime rather than not at all, right?

I'm thankful to everyone who has checked out my creations in some shape or form :)

I wanted to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who has checked out my flash widgets and my audio creations!

It may be small number to some, but the fact that at least ONE person has checked out my efforts, and downloaded some of my voices or music makes me really happy. I am blown away at the current numbers.

It does give me something to work toward too. Like "will my next project be as good?, "will it get as many view or downloads in a quicker amount of time?"

I love the Newgrounds community. It always has new art, music, games, and animations to check out and is one of my main sources of entertainment.

NOGO Board game is on its way!

2011-07-24 12:40:06 by xympul

The real, physical version of the NOGO board game is almost done and I'll have a new update to the Newgrounds NOGO version right before launch.

Then, on to my next Flash game demo for Newgrounds, which is a multiplayer chess game for 2-6 players! 8)

I hope so!

X-Men First Class and Super 8 are really good movies, go check them out!

From E3, also check out the game Skulls of the Shogun!

I updated my personal website

2011-05-10 01:08:33 by xympul

If any of you awesome Newgrounds artists and players would like to learn more about my geeky life, you can check out www.josephhatcher.com .

I updated what games and movies/productions I have worked on.

Oh yeah, and THOR was a fun movie! :p

Make some Flash, Windows, and soon to be iOS game with ONE tool, with no programming! Think of it as a 2d holodeck! If you can use a spreadsheet or a word processor, YOU can make a game! =)


Try the new Newgrounds TGF2 version for FREE! Try the new Newgrounds TGF2 version for FREE!

If you aren't into making games, you can make some awesome art and hand drawn Flash animations with Pencil! hand drawn Flash animations with Pencil!

I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing what all of you have in your submissions to Newgrounds this year!

This is an online community I vibe well with, with creative adventures all over the place =)

So, what will 2011 bring you?

2010-12-27 23:36:42 by xympul

What new and cool things will you show the world on Newgrounds in 2011?

Not a lot of dancing style of music, but fits the filme very well! =)

It is 21 minutes of sweet, sweet ear candy. Do a search (Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo) you'll find it!